sometimes people
write nice things about us.

Pittsburgh city paper,   2.21.18

“I wanted to teach myself how to bake bread, and the typical pathways to that for me weren’t going to work."

Star Chefs,   11.2016

"Their mission, and Blazin’s goal as a baker, isn’t to simply create the highest quality naturally leavened breads and pizza dough, but to do so with a strong ethical backbone based on hyper-local sourcing."

Milliron Major.jpg

pizza walk with me,   8.3.17

"I've never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a pie, which is a small miracle. And it's not because I write about pizza. You, the clever reader, get the same loving attention and speedy service that I receive. It's a democratic pizza process and they treat every customer like it's their thousandths pie."