Neil blazin & Justin Vetter


Neil Blazin and Justin Vetter first met while working at Pittsburgh's Legume Bistro. During their time at Legume they learned a great deal from the award-winning chefs, as well as the service staff.

As a manager, Neil gained an intimate knowledge of what it takes to execute service in a high volume, fine dining atmosphere. During this time, he also gained an interest in sourdough baking through his firsthand experiences alongside Legume's many accomplished bakers. After years of practice, success and failure, Neil decided to strike out on his own. He enlisted his friend and co-worker, Justin, and the two began drawing up plans for a new addition to Pittsburgh's growing food truck scene.

In June of 2015, the pair purchased a mobile wood-fired oven and Driftwood Oven was born. With that oven, a sourdough culture, and a passion to bake the best pizza in Pittsburgh, Neil & Justin took off. In August of 2015, they baked their first pizza at The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co., in Braddock and they haven't looked back since.

Very little has stopped them since baking that first pie. With the exception of holiday breaks and the birth of Neil's son, Theodore, Driftwood Oven has continually operated since day one. Through the frigid cold to the sweltering heat, they were there. Pizza cannot be kept down. And thanks to a loving a loyal following, the two have been fortunate enough to grow as businessmen as well as members of the Pittsburgh community.

In December of 2017, Driftwood took the next step and signed a lease on a brick and mortar. In 2018, the pair will have a permanent home at 3615 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It is their intention to bake pizza for years to come and all are welcome to join.